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This is a decent game, good work! Here is my feedback:


  • Nice music and game concept
  • Effective sound effects that fit well with the technical theme of the game


  • Lots of inconsitencies with the visuals; the background looks blurred and stretched while the characters on the foreground are clean/crisp
  • The titlescreen is very bland and unnappealing, I would suggest giving it a more interesting vibe that fits with the technical theme of the game
  • Gameplay needs more juice / feel, consider adding particle effects for when moving, or a screenshake for when dying
  • Consider using colours to communicate game ideas, I was at first confused about which score was mine and which was the enemies. Perhaps if one was green it would be more obvious which was the players?
  • Some other technical issues; the mouse detection on the titlescreen wasn't mapped to where the mouse actually was, and the score would keep counting up after death

Even though it's flawed you still have done a good job! I'd definitely put more time into perfecting the robotic setting and game concept, there's a lot of potential there. Good work!

The music, sounds and gameplay of this game are great! However, I think that you could improve on some aspects: Firstly, the background didn’t fit into the “PC virus” style. Consider adding a background full of ones and zeroes. This would fit that style better. Also, the “game over” window should be the windows “:(“ page.

For the gameplay, consider adding a way to fight for the player. Antivirus don’t avoid viruses, their job is to destroy them. 

Overall, nice game. Continue creating more!

Hi. Thank You for the feedback! I appreciate it! I wanted to add 0's and 1's for the background but I thought that it would mess with the health points on the top left.

You could add a panel behind the health so it doesn’t get confused with the background.